Due to the overwhelming success and interest from artists in 2017, Queer Art(ists) Now is BACK!

What is it?!

Queer Art(ists) Now, presented by And What? Queer. Arts. Festival is our annual open call platform/exhibition for contemporary, UK based, Queer and LGBTQIA+ artists.

The exhibition Queer Art(ists) Now will provide a snap-shot of what artists within our communities are making right now; an insight into the thoughts, preoccupations, aesthetics, and politics of queer artists.

We are interested in the work YOU are making, the content and style of the exhibition is influenced by what you submit. So whilst you are Queer/LGBTQIA+ the work does not necessarily have to represent this, but equally can. The exhibition will present a kaleidoscope of your artistry, as a window on what the fuck is going on. Queer Art(ists) Now is inclusive, democratic and accessible. As such the exhibition is, and will remain, un-themed, and content will not be censored or edited.

There is no entrance fee, but artists are asked to cover delivery/return of their work, and, any costs associated with specific presentation, (unless they are on hand to self-install).

We will select up to 30 artists work by a panel process. This will be exhibited pop-up and salon-style at Archive Gallery in Haggerston, London, between Thursday 11th – Sunday 14th October.

A number of artists from the inaugural 2017 exhibition will be invited back with a small bursary and will part make-up the panel of selectors. This means work will be selected by your peers. We intend this process to be replicated year-on-year.

During the exhibition all work will be for sale with 100% of the sales returned to the artists. The cost of purchase is dictated by the artist (you).

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We are now closed for 2018 submissions!

What you need to know:

Important application information: Queer Art(ists) Now considers work in the following mediums: painting, drawing, illustration, graphic design, photography, sculpture, video (shown as part of a reel), and performance (please bear in mind there is no fee for performers and presentation needs, tech and such, are limited).

  • applicants can submit between 1-3 pieces for consideration, panel will choose between 1-3 pieces to show
  • There is no expectation as to the content of the work
  • applicants should be based in the UK
  • each piece, or collection of pieces, should include a description of no more than 50 words
  • work must be made within the last 12 months
  • applications will only be accepted if received on a fully completed application form, no exceptions ... 2018 Submissions have now closed
  • the artist will need to cover delivery and return costs
  • all work will be for sale, the price of work will be decided by the artist and 100% of sales will be returned to the artist, by submitting you agree to your work being sold on your behalf.

This years line up:

We have compiled a quick 2018 artist guide to whet your appetite, Click the button below to download our 2018 Queer Artists Now Guide!.

2018 QAN Guide

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